Advanced QuickBooks®


Analyzing Financial Data

  • Running reports and graphs
  • What reports help you understand your business
  • Creating custom reports
  • Memorizing reports
  • Exporting reports to Excel
  • Memorizing reports

Working with Credit Cards

  • Entering credit card charges
  • Reconciling credit card accounts

Using QuickBooks Other Accounts

  • Entering loans
  • Using QuickBooks loan manager feature
  • Tracking fixed assets

Setting up Inventory

  • Entering products into inventory
  • Ordering products
  • Receiving inventory
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Using units of measure
  • Correcting mistakes in inventory

Tracking and Paying Sales Tax

  • Overview of sales tax in QuickBooks
  • Setting up tax rates and agencies
  • Items vs. groups
  • Determining what you owe
  • Paying tax agencies
  • Correcting mistakes in sales tax 

Tracking Time

  • Tracking time
  • Invoicing a customer for time

Doing Payroll in QuickBooks

  • Overview of payroll in QuickBooks
  • Setting up payroll
  • Understanding payroll items
  • Setting up employee information
  • Tracking tax liabilities
  • Setting up payroll schedules
  • Paying payroll taxes
  • Payroll reports available in QuickBooks

Job Estimates and Progress Invoicing

  • Creating Jobs and estimates
  • Writing an estimate
  • Creating an invoice from an estimate
  • Progress invoicing and percentage estimates 


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