QuickBooks® for Beginners


Getting Started

  • Introducing QuickBooks
  • Getting around QuickBooks

Setting Up QuickBooks

  • Create a company file
  • Getting help while using QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks Centers

  • Vendor Center
  • Customer Center

All the Accounting You Need to Know

  • Assets, Liabilities and equity
  • Cash versus accrual bookkeeping
  • Measuring business profitability
  • Class Tracking and how it is used

Working with Bank Accounts

  • Writing a QuickBooks check
  • Entering handwritten checks
  • Printing checks from QuickBooks
  • Transferring money between accounts
  • Using your check register
  • Entering credit card charges

Entering Sales Information

  • Sales Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Credit Memos
  • Filling in sales/invoice forms
  • Setting up and using items
  • Tracking accounts receivables
  • Tracking sales orders and back orders

Receiving Payments and Making Deposits

  • Recording customer deposits
  • Making deposits

Entering and Paying Bills

  • Handling bills in QuickBooks
  • Using QuickBooks for accounts payable
  • Entering bills
  • Paying bills

Bank Reconciliations

  • Reconciling checking accounts & credit card accounts

Analyzing Financial Data

  • Running reports to help you understand your business
  • Creating special reports for your business to use
  • Creating reports in Excel using QuickBooks data
  • Difference between registers and QuickReports
  • Saving and memorizing reports

Backing up Data

  • How to backup data
  • How to restore data


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