Expert QuickBooks®


Tips for Setting up New Companies

  • Mid-year Setups
    • Entering historical data
  • Beginning of Year Setups 
    • Preferences
    • Memorized Transactions
    • Templates
    • Synchronizing with Outlook/Act

Who is QB Administrator?

Set Closing Dates

Find Feature

Adding Buttons to the Icon Bar

Audit Trail & Condensing Data

  • Keeping an audit trail
  • Removing audit trail data
  • Audit trail report
  • Alerts Manager
  • How QG condenses data
  • Which data is affected
  • Determine when to condense data

What Item Types to Use

Creating Groups

  • What kind of groups to use
  • Setup group for daily sales summary 
  • Using groups on forms
  • Grouping memorized transactions

“Disappearing Transactions”

  • Ways to find them
  • Tips on avoiding them

Tracking Reimbursable Expenses


  • Finding opening balance errors
  • How to “un-reconcile” an account

Accountant's Review

  • How to use
  • What you can and cannot do
  • Creating a file to give to clients
  • Merging accountant’s changes

Error Messages

GPF Messages

Restoring Data Error Messages

Reinstalling QB (when to)

File Extensions used in QB

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