Create a Memorized Check in Quickbooks

Follow This Four Step Process



A. Begin by writing a check. Press (Control W) simultaneously.

B. Tick the “to be printed” box. (You do not want a check number on the check you are preparing.)

C. Enter the date you want to have appear on your first check. (IE: if you are paying your rent you probably want to have the 1st of the month on the check so enter the next date you will be paying your rent. After this entry QuickBooks will change your date each month.)

D. Enter the name of the payee and $$amount.

E. Enter the Account


A. Memorize the check on your screen by pressing (Control M) simultaneously. A Memorize Transaction Box will pop up.

B. I normally tick “Automatically Enter”.

C. Using the “How Often” drop down, enter how often you want the check to automatically enter the check book register.

D. “Number Remaining”, I leave blank if it is perpetually paid such as a rent check would be.

E. “Days in Advance”, If you pay your rent on the 1st of the month, you probably would like to mail your check about four days in advance of the due date so I generally enter “4 days” that way the check kicks out and is printed 4 days before the rent is due. Close the Memorize Transaction Box by pressing “OK”

F. You are almost done in memorizing this transaction. At this point DO NOT SAVE the check on your screen. X out of it and say “NO” to “Do You Want to Record It Now?”


A. Verify that the check is successfully memorized and waiting to move to your check register automatically.

B. Go to “Lists” on the toolbar.

C. Scroll down and press “Memorized Transaction List”. You should see a line item with the Transaction Name, Type Source, Account, Amount, Frequency, Auto, Next Date. If it’s there it’s memorized.


A. On the date you specified the memorized check to drop into the check register you will see a Start Up Message Box from QuickBooks asking you: “Automatically enter memorized Transaction?” Your answer options will be “Now” or “Later”. I recommend you press “Now”.

B. Then you will see another QuickBooks Information Box pop up saying “QuickBooks has Automatically Entered your Memorized Transaction”. Press “OK”.

C. The memorized check (or multiple checks) will be waiting for you to print. Go to “File” on the Toolbar. Scroll down to “Print Forms”. Then move and click on “Checks”.

D. Select the checks you want to print and make sure the “First Check Number Box” is loaded with the first check number you want to print.

E. Press “OK”